An Introduction to Rangemaster's Cookers

Alexander Piddubriwnyj @ 2019-12-10 15:05:19 +0000

Rangemaster’s range cookers are some of the best in the world. These stunning multifunctional cookers are ideal for traditional and modern kitchens offering unparalleled quality and attention to detail. We work closely with Rangemaster to bring you the best of the best. Quality, durability, style, and rich British pedigree set these cookers apart from the rest and gives your home a heartbeat all its own. 

While there are various models with their own bells and whistles, Rangemaster cookers have several distinct strengths present across all their models. A range cooker is a freestanding appliance with incredible flexibility. Combining a hob along with an oven, or even several ovens, this all-in-one appliance will serve you no matter the recipe or cooking method. 



As if this weren’t enough range cookers come with handy storage drawers and extract cooking odours through the rear of the cooker. This makes a range cooker perfect for large and small kitchens. 

At Appliance People, we have a wide selection of Rangemaster cookers complete with grills, wok burners, multiple fuel types and a rich array of colours to choose from. To help you find the perfect cooker for your home we’re going to break down how each of Rangemaster’s products works for you. 

Nexus (Nexus Steam/ Nexus/Nexus SE)


The Rangemaster Nexus Induction Range Cooker (NEX90EIBL/C) is available in 110cm and 90cm and features dual fuel as well as induction cooking option. This sleek model comes in a variety of timeless tones including stainless steel, black, slate, ivory and white. All of these options are completed with chic brushed chrome trim. 

This sleek unit isn’t just about looks though as this contemporary cooker provides incredible performance and cooking control. This is evident from the improved grill, exact rotary controls, new three-button timer and Catch-rite door fixtures. These improvements expand on Rangemaster’s quality to bring you an appliance for life. 

For those looking for more versatility, the Nexus SE offers triple cooking capacity while the Nexus Steam has an innovative steam cavity for precision steam cooking. 

Classic (Classic/Classic Deluxe)


The Rangemaster Classic Induction Range Cooker (CLA110EICY/C) model brings together years of design and innovation into a timeless freestanding cooker. This model is available in 90cm, 100cm and 110cm, as well as a variety of colours. From bright and bold cranberry to understated cream, you can have a cooker that matches your kitchen design seamlessly. The bevelled doors and arched windows complete the look.

This cooker may look traditional but it houses some innovative technology. There are multiple fuel types including gas, dual fuel and electric hobs (ceramic and induction). This is partnered with gas ovens, grills and hobs, tall electric fan ovens, conventional oven and a dual circuit glide-out grill. This powerhouse cooker also has multi-ring burners, warming zones and a griddle for char marks.

The Classic cooker benefits from a superior Tri-tonne frame, multi-glaze oven doors and EasyCook controls. We also have the Classic Deluxe model which comes with a rapid response for faster heat-up times (removing the need for pre-heating), a bread proving drawer, wok cradle, and programmable oven. 

Elan (Elan/Elan Deluxe)


Rangemaster’s Elan Deluxe Dual Fuel Range Cooker (ELA110DFFOG) is a distinctly traditional range cooker available in 90cm and 110cm. Classically-styled with elegant spiral handles, curved doors and crafted controls this cooker is available in cranberry, olive green, black, cream and royal pearl. This stunning range cooker is the perfect centrepiece to your kitchen and provides multifunctional control for multiple cooking needs. 

All Elan models are available in dual fuel and induction models. The 90cm dual fuel model has a single-piece hotplate with five-ring burner while the 110cm has four smaller burners plus a large wok ring. The 110cm also has a multi-zone area with two ceramic zones.

If you want even more versatility the Elan Deluxe has a bridging zone to support a griddle, one large central zone and two smaller zones. All of these zones have low-temperature settings for melting chocolate or butter, simmering vegetables or keeping food warm.

Much like the Classic model, the Elan Deluxe also features a cast iron wok cradle (on dual fuel types), rapid response, single-handed ignition, a bread proving drawer (on the Elan Deluxe 110cm) and a deluxe Glide-Out Grill.


Inspired by gourmet chefs, the Rangemaster Elise Induction Range Cooker (ELS100EIGB) is a professional performer with high-spec finishes. This model is available in 90cm, 110cm, and 110cm as well as various fuel types such as dual fuel and induction. This model is all about making a statement. The Elise is French-inspired flair and incredible craftsmanship dressed in a range of rich colours including white, gloss black slate, stainless steel, cherry red, cream or china blue.

From a performance point of view, the Elise has several functions to make your life easier. From baking the perfect pizza base to roasting some root veggies on a cold winter’s night, the Elise cooks your dishes to perfection. 

Depending on which specific model you choose you will also have added benefits such as a fan oven, storage drawer, glide-out grill, cast iron pan supports, multi-ring burners, wok cradles and single-handed ignition. All of these features are environmentally friendly with the Elise sporting an A rating for energy efficiency. 



The Rangemaster Ceramic Kitchener Range Cooker (KCH110ECBL/C) is the original. First launched in 1830, this cooker has become one of the most popular Rangemaster cookers ever produced. Over its illustrious history, the Kitchener has been tinkered with to keep up with modern technology. This model is no different. 

The Kitchener is available in three sizes, 90cm, 100cm and 110cm as well as three colours, stainless steel, gloss black and cream. The Kitchener is also supported by multiple fuel types including dual fuel and induction. 

Rangemaster is a brand that has ‘family’ at the heart of everything they do. The Kitchener is perfect for feeding the family with convenience and flexibility built-in. A handy rack and storage drawer provide much-needed space-saving along with a conventional oven, fan oven and dual circuit grill for versatility.

Professional (Professional FX/FXP)

The Rangemaster Professional Induction Range Cooker (PROP110EICR/C) is the ultimate in-home cooking technology. This model comes in a wide range of shapes of sizes and to suit big and small kitchens. Customers can choose from 90cm, 100cm or 110cm as well as traditional colours of gloss black, cranberry, cream or stainless steel. The professional also supports various fuel types including dual-fuel, ceramic, gas and induction models. 

All models of the Professional come with a programmable oven to set cooking times. An updated grill allows for incredible browning and cooking control while the porthole door makes it easy to check on food without opening the door. 

The FX and FXP models have a unique design that resembles contemporary cookers. A large triple-glazed glass panel allows views of a large oven cavity and the long handrail is ideal for oven gloves and tea towels. 

The FX also has a unique energy-saving panel to split the oven in half and give you the option to save power and heat a smaller area. It also incorporates a Pyrolytic self-cleaning function to save you hours on dreaded manual cleaning.

Rangemaster’s selection of cookers has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an oven to nourish your family or a cooker that can handle even the most complex recipes, this long historied brand is the perfect partner for any home. 

As a Rangemaster supplier, we have the latest in Rangemaster technology and work with you to find the perfect model. If you’d like a hand feel free to visit our showroom.