The Kitchen Circle Awards

Dominic Wayne @ 2019-12-09 12:49:50 +0000

We’ve won an award!

So, as you’ve already read, we’ve won an award! ‘The Hero Award (North) 2019’.

Sounds cool, right? Yeah we think so too! You may or may not have heard of the Kitchen Circle.

The Kitchen Circle is a Samsung programme designed to support, educate and reward kitchen specialists. It is a focused programme allowing support, education and acknowledgment for dedicated Samsung Kitchen specialists who believe in the brands vision, such as ourselves! 

Samsung Kitchen Circle

Samsung’s Kitchen Circle was developed with the idea of furthering Samsung’s role as a leader within the appliance industry. Samsung launched their first refrigerator back in 1974 and since then have built an incredible reputation as a trusted brand which prides itself on a combination of design, technical innovation and efficiency. 

“At Samsung we have a team of people who are incredibly passionate about kitchens and home appliances and we feel that the Samsung Kitchen Circle really provides us with a two-way channel to put this across and engage more with our Kitchen Specialist customers.

“We are growing with our Kitchen Specialists and learning from them all the time. Our intention is to make the programme and their partnership with us as rewarding, enjoyable and human as possible with many occasions to celebrate their successes, give feedback to us and build skills continually along the way.” - Mark Seaman, Head of Home Appliances, Samsung UK and Ireland. 

The Kitchen Circle programme enables us and many other kitchen specialists the opportunity to have ongoing product support, in addition to a rolling year round rewards scheme that will acknowledge commitment and excellence, and for those with the highest levels of achievement to be recognised and celebrated at an awards ceremony, and winning an award. Which we did! 

Last week both Mark and Dominic attended the Kitchen Circle awards and bought home our beautiful ‘The Hero Award (North) 2019’ award.

We are very proud to have won this award, it is nice to be recognised for all the hard work we have put in behind the scenes. After a day of innovative training, fine dining and rubbing shoulders with some of the best at Samsung, we received our award, accepting it with great pride. Now we have to work even harder to ensure the award remains ours again next year :)