What are the Benefits of a Smart Fridge?

Alexander Piddubriwnyj @ 2020-02-11 16:38:11 +0000

Living in 2020 has its perks. With more devices connected in the ‘Internet of Things’, delivery services from all over the world, and appliance brands looking for innovative ways to make life easier, finding smart kitchen appliances has never been easier. Ovens that clean themselves, fridges that order groceries, and stoves that turn themselves off. These are just a few of the modern home innovations that you could have in your kitchen today. In this blog, we’ll look at smart fridges and how they can revolutionise the way you shop, cook and eat. 

Smart Fridges

Smart fridges are available from a range of suppliers. The term ‘smart’ means that they are connected to your home Wifi through a computer. These onboard computers are made custom to each brand and can complete several tasks including; 

Reading Recipes: 

The internet has a rich vein of recipes, from family favourites to exotic treats. Smart fridges can house a built-in assistant, like Amazon’s Alexa. These voice-activated devices can answer your questions and help you keep your recipe on track without having to try reading through a recipe book. 

Instant Messaging:

Fridges in an open plan kitchen serve as the hub for all activity. Everyone uses it and its digital capabilities reflect this. Some smart fridges allow you to send and receive messages. So while you’re chopping the veg for dinner, you can send a message asking your partner to pick up a bit more olive oil. This little step can make all the difference and save you valuable time. 

Visual Displays:

While noticeboards and fridge magnets work well, a touchscreen display has so many more possibilities. These screens can be used as an integrated noticeboard, calendar and shopping list. No need to look around for a pen or pencil.

Cut Down on Food Waste:

Smart fridges can also help lower your food waste. Select fridges are able to scan and memorise the contents of your fridge. This allows it to remotely control temperature, protecting fragile greens and large cuts of meat alike. They can also warn you when you’re running low on an ingredient and even warn you when food is about to expire. All of this allows you to manage your groceries better and make sure you’re not throwing out food. 

Samsung’s range of smart fridge freezers is among the best on the market. With their patented Family Hub, their fridges can do everything from keeping an eye on expiration dates to playing music while you cook. Some fridges even have smart TV applications allowing you to watch your favourite chef cook alongside you or keep up with your favourite show while you prepare dinner for the family. 

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