What is a Domino Hob?

Alexander Piddubriwnyj @ 2019-11-11 11:19:21 +0000

Hobs are the backbone of the kitchen. From boiling to frying, grilling, simmering and any other form of cooking you wouldn’t be able to do it without a hob.

This makes selecting the right hob integral to your kitchen. But what should you go with?

One versatile and useful hob to consider is the domino hob. 

How did it get its name?

Induction Domino Hub

The domino hob gets its name from its unique design. An oblong square with two cooking hobs, this stylish hob looks like a domino. Domino hobs come in a range of shapes, sizes, and fuel types. 

For example, Siemens offers several brilliant models such as the gas-powered Siemens ER3A6BD70 Domino Hob Black with stepFlame technology and a wok burner that can handle large quantities of food.

Alternatively, the Siemens EX375FXB1E Domino Hob Black is space-age induction domino hob which has precise zone touch control. A simple finger push activates a block allowing you heat as many pots as you like with incredible control.

These domino hobs are just a small sample of the variety on offer.

Domino hobs are slim hobs, perfect for tight spaces and their versatility allows for specialised cooking.

There are loads of brands and models offering gas, electric, combination and induction heating methods as well as sleek porcelain-surface finishes tying the hob into your kitchen design. 

What can it be used for?

Gas Domino Hub

The dual nature of the domino hobs allows for greater specialisation in cooking techniques.

One can be a standard ring while the other space can be filled with a built-in fryer, wok ring, grill or even teppanyaki.


Teppanyaki is a popular Japanese cooking method seen at Hibachi barbecue restaurants like Benihana. This fast, fiery and fun form of cooking is an incredible addition to any home and will certainly shake up family dinners. 


A built-in fryer is another novel option unique to domino hobs. With a low profile and inch-perfect craftsmanship, a domino fryer hob fits seamlessly into any kitchen design and is ideal for making comfort food like fish and chips, deep-fried ice cream balls and doughnuts. 


If something more traditional is your style, then bring the barbecue inside.

A low-profile grill allows you to get the perfect griddle marks and add a smoky flavour to steaks, chicken and grilled vegetables.

Rain or shine, a domino grill keeps summer alive, even into the wintry months. 

These are just some of the ways a domino hob can change the way you cook. Whether you want to start a new healthy lifestyle with a reliable grill or entertain friends and family with unctuous deep-fried treats, the domino hob is a must for any home. 

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