What is a steam oven?

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Living a healthy lifestyle is something many aspire to but find difficult to do on a day to day basis. Whether it’s investing in a blender for smoothies or just trying to cut down on portions, there are many ways people can improve their diets. One of the best ways to invest in healthy eating habits is to install a steam oven. 

What's the difference between a convection oven and steam oven?

What is a convection oven?

A convection oven is renowned for crisping up dishes and adding those delicious brown edges to bakes and joints. Convection ovens cook faster and more evenly than traditional conventional ovens because they use a fan to circulate air. This combination of heat and air cooks dishes evenly. The fan keeps the temperature inside the oven even and also transfers heat faster. 

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While this form of cooking is great for bakes and steaks, it isn’t always great for healthy menus. This is where steam oven comes into its own.

What is a steam oven?

A steam oven has a water reservoir, that needs to be filled, to work properly. Once the oven is turned on, the heat from the element heats the water and turns it into steam. The steam then cooks your food allowing you to keep food moist. Another benefit of cooking with steam is that your food, especially vegetables, retain more nutrients than food that is roasted or boiled. 


We offer the best of both oven-types with a selection of ovens that can use steam to cook and convection to brown and crisp at the end. This offers succulent meals that are moist, healthy and look delicious. 

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We have several leading brands dedicated to improving family lives and making cooking easy with these leading steam ovens. 

Our favourite steam ovens

Siemens HS658GES6B Built-in Steam Oven Stainless Steel

The Siemens HS658GES6B Built-in Steam Oven Stainless Steel is an advanced built-in steam oven packed with features. Dressed in stylish black and stainless steel, this sleek steam oven has roasting and baking sensors to detect the exact moment your food is done. This advanced bit of kit also features pulseSteam for crispy crusts and juicy roasts, an easy-to-use TFT Touch display and a special coating for easy cleaning. 

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As if this weren’t enough this smart oven can also be connected to your smartphone via the handy Home Connect App. This allows you to access and control your oven no matter where you are. 

AEG BSE874320M SteamCrisp Steam Oven Stainless Steel

AEG’s BSE874320M SteamCrisp Steam Oven Stainless Steel is a premium quality steam oven that offers even cooking, easy controls, and luxurious design. This fantastic steam oven is great for finishing off pies and pastries, steaming healthy chicken and veggie dishes, and defrosting delicate items such as cream cakes.

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All of this is easily managed with AEG’s advanced food probe. This technology takes the guesswork out of cooking and maintains optimal temperatures throughout the cavity. 

AEG KSE782220M SteamBoost Steam Compact Oven Stainless Steel

 Another offering from AEG, the KSE782220M SteamBoost Steam Compact Oven offers all the benefits of steam cooking in a compact unit. This luxury oven has inch-perfect heat control to ensure you get perfect bakes and cooks every time. The steam oven also fits healthy diets allowing you to cook chicken, salmon, veggies and other ingredients without losing valuable nutrients.

Juicy and succulent, every dish with this little oven is watched over by AEG’s advanced Food Sensor.

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A steam oven can change the way you cook and eat. Whether you want to start a new healthy lifestyle or just make sure your food stays succulent and moist, our range of steam ovens is an absolute must. 

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