What is a Warmer Drawer?

Alexander Piddubriwnyj @ 2019-11-19 11:56:53 +0000

Warmer drawers are relatively new to everyday kitchens. These humble and handy drawers have risen through the ranks thanks to shows like The Great British Bake Off and seen them made a must-have in the modern kitchen. 

What is a Warmer Drawer?

Fisher Paykel Warming Drawer


Warmer drawers, or warming drawers, are appliances similar to a conventional oven but with a few differences such as offering great humidity control to allow you to keep food warm without drying it out.

This is ideal for hosting parties or feeding large groups of people, keeping food moist or crispy for longer. Warming drawers are also great for budding bakers.

As seen on the UK’s favourite baking show, contestants regularly use warming drawers to proof dough for bread, pizza and other tasty treats.  

Warming drawers can also be used to warm up plates, mugs, bowls and crockery before serving.

Through either conventional heating or fan-assisted heating, most warmer drawers maintain temperatures up to 80℃. Warming your crockery will, in turn, keep your food warmer for longer and provide your guests with an extra sense of luxury.

This appliance is a must for large families or people who love to entertain.

What Should I Look For? 

Warming drawers usually come in two sizes; 140mm depth and 290mm depth. 140mm drawers are ideal for warming plates or cups before serving while the 290mm allows for larger items like casserole dishes and slow-cooked food to keep warm while you tackle the rest of your menu. 

Bread proofing in a warming drawer

This difference in size means it’s worth considering where to place your warming drawer.

If you want it to warm cups for your cappuccino then placing it near your coffee machine makes for a practical decision.

Similarly, placing a 290mm depth warmer drawer below the oven or in a nearby island means moving pots and dishes to and from the warming drawer is quick, easy and less likely to cause spillage.

Crucially, always try to place your warming drawer at a height where it is easily accessible. Waist height is probably the best for most people, especially when moving hot dishes. 

Mussels steaming in a pot

Whatever your decision, practicality is at the centre of the warming drawer’s function so be sure to consider where this nifty bit of kit can fit into your kitchen. 

Our Highlights

AEG KDE912922M Warming Drawer Stainless Steel

The AEG KDE912922M Warming Drawer offers excellent heat circulation, a cup and glass warming option and is ideal for proofing dough.

The large stainless steel door allows for easy access and an extra-large cavity for stacking dishes.

All dressed in stainless steel, this sleek draw slips into any kitchen design and can be used to blend into other large appliances. 

Fisher & Paykel WB60SDEB1 Warming Drawer 60cm

With enough space to keep six place settings warm evenly, the minimalist Fisher & Paykel WB60SDEB1 Warming Drawer measures 60cm.

This stylish drawer features a black, reflective glass surface with polished metal trim that perfectly accents your oven or counter. For extra convenience, the smooth-glass base is easy to clean and maintain. 

CDA VW281SS Large warming drawer Stainless Steel

The CDA VW281SS Large warming drawer partners perfectly with your oven. Surrounded in stainless steel, this warmer drawer is ideal for warming your plates before a meal or keeping food warm ready for serving.

The power indicator light lets you know when it is running while the non-slip silicone mat will hold your food steady. This large appliance can evenly heat 12 place settings making it the perfect companion for hosting dinner parties. The temperature is adjustable and can be set between 30°C and 80°C.

A good warming drawer can make timing dishes simple and easy. Consider adding this appliance to your current kitchen or any future kitchen design ideas and you’ll no longer need to stress about timing your dishes like a Michelin star chef. 

Dinner party Appliance People

Find out more about what warming drawers can offer your home by contacting us today. Alternatively, visit one of our showrooms and see this incredible technology for yourself. We love turning houses into homes and are committed to bringing the very best to kitchens across the UK.