What is an Air Venting Hob?

Alexander Piddubriwnyj @ 2019-11-11 11:40:25 +0000

Heating and ventilation go hand in hand. The traditional cooker/hood combination is the staple of every home and allows you to do a weekend fry up or slow-cooked stew without worrying about the fire brigade knocking on your door. But space in kitchens can be limited and finding space to mount a hood difficult.

Island cookers often present this problem with no wall to fit the extractor into. This leaves you with two options. Either go with an island hood or an air venting hob.

But what is an air venting hob? 

From Basic Beginnings

Siemens venting hob (Credit: hskltd.com)

Bora was the first to bring ventilation and cooking together into the hob. Their Basic series of venting hobs consisted of two cooking areas with an extractor in between them. This design was a revelation.

The extraction fan was quiet and allowed you to use the kitchen as a room for entertaining without being drowned out by a loud hum.

What’s more, this hob could be installed virtually anywhere in the kitchen allowing people to use islands, corners and galley kitchens without losing precious overhead space.

Cleaning is just as easy. No need to scrub an overhead hood or open up any large panels, the extractor drum can be removed easily and cleaned in a dishwasher.

This innovation was a breath of fresh air for the appliance world and it wasn’t long before other brands perfected their own models. 

To Cutting Edge Designs

Designer Kitchen (Credit: Neff)

Today almost everyone has their version of venting hobs. We source from the most trusted brands to bring you the latest and greatest in hob technology.

Our Top 3 Air Venting Hobs

Elica Nikolatesla Prime

The Elica Nikolatesla Prime Induction Hob has taken what Bora created it and perfected it. Named after the famed scientist, the Nikola Tesla Prime is an induction hob with integrated aspiration system.

The elegant cast iron air vent sits in the centre of the hob with four independent induction zones for precision cooking.

This incredible appliance also has an AUTOCAPTURE function which automatically adjusts heating zones based on the number of cooking zones being used and their power setting. This is controlled by a simple touch system and central vent.

All of this is encased in a sleek black glass unit that is easy to clean and looks great in any kitchen.

Elica Nikolatesla Switch

Elica has a wide range of venting hobs with the Elica Nikolatesla Switch Induction Hob another fan favourite. 

This glass induction hob comes in black or white and can be finished with either polished steel or cast iron details.

This induction hob has four individual induction zones for cooking several dishes at once. The touch control at the front of the unit allows for quick and instantaneous use as you whip up dishes for your friends and family.

The central extraction unit is efficient and saves precious space in the kitchen giving you overhead room to hang pots, pans and anything else you’ll need close to hand. 


Last but not least is the Faber GALILEO BK Galileo 83cm Air Venting Induction Hob.

This stylish black ceramic induction hob has a monogrammed extraction unit with a sturdy cast iron grid. Faber’s offering also offers customisable cooking zones with touch control.

The induction system reduces heating time saving you on bills and time.

This hob does everything in one compact package, allowing you to design your kitchen without worrying where to fit a cook and external hob.

Find out more about what air venting hobs can offer your home by contacting us today. Alternatively, visit one of our showrooms and see this incredible technology for yourself. We love turning houses into homes and are committed to bringing the very best to kitchens across the UK.