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For almost 100 years AGA have been at the heart of many homes. Invented in 1922, AGA range cookers became a master of all culinary styles, able to grill, bake, roast, boil, simmer, toast and more. After years of development, AGA cookers now come with a host of innovative features, including induction hobs, which provide a safe, responsive and energy efficient way to cook and a conventional fan oven, to take flexibility to a whole new level. Offered in a range of colours from contemporary neutrals to striking brights, you're sure to find a shade to suit your home.

AGA aim to make life easy through thoughtful design, by creating and curating products that offer tangible solutions to make things more efficient and better all round. Taking honest, hardworking materials and engineering them into relevant products that look great and perform brilliantly.

AGA have a fantastic refrigeration range that offers the very latest technology and is packed full of features to ensure food stays fresher for longer. This means the nutrients are kept locked in and food isn’t wasted. AGA’s cooker range is just as vast and comes in a variety of sizes, with most being electric and many sporting state-of-the-art induction hobs. They’re gentle when cooking so that all the nutrients remain locked in and if food is left in a little too long, it won’t dry out and become inedible. All AGA products are thoughtfully created and responsibly built, making the most from the least and using nothing unnecessarily.

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