How Multibuy Works


You're just 3 steps away from your perfect appliance package!

We realise that, quite often our customers are looking for more than one kitchen appliance.

So we've made it even easier to get all the appliances you need in one place and at a great price too!


1. Add products

With Multibuy, you can simply add products to your multibuy basket buy clicking on 'Add to Multibuy' instead of adding to your basket.

2. Send to us

When you've added all the products you are interested in, simply click on 'My Multibuy' in the top menu, fill out your details in the form and send to us.

We'll then get back to you with a discounted package price.

3. Pick a date!

Once you're happy with everything, you can let us know when you need the appliances and secure your order. - this means you get the appliances at the price quoted. Even if you don't need them for a while, we are happy to store your items until you are ready