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Since 1847, Siemens have been developing home appliances that revolutionise your home through cutting-edge technologies and an unmatched user experience. Making your home more intuitive than you ever thought possible. Discover the vast range of Siemens technologies, inherent in all their appliances, such as iSensoric technology. Siemens’ iSensoric technology is made up of innovative sensors and intelligent software that enable your home appliances to do the thinking. From telling your washing machine how much detergent it needs, to regulating the temperature in your fridge – with iSensoric your appliances do so much more, allowing you to do so much less. And with the Siemens Home Connect app, you can now monitor, control, and communicate with your Siemens appliances, from anywhere, at any time.

From your kitchen to your laundry, you'll be amazed at how intelligent home appliances can be. Siemens washing machines, dryers and washer-dryers always offer you state-of-the-art technology. Innovative functions not only provide excellent results when washing and drying, they also make your life easier. Siemens’ ovens take care of many cooking, baking and clean-up tasks automatically - almost better than we could do ourselves. Modern Siemens microwaves have attractive high-end materials, clean lines, and innovative controls. Siemens built-in ovens with integrated microwaves can bake, roast and grill. And they do it in the shortest possible time. Siemens ventilation hoods can come integrated into your induction hob or mounted on your wall, ceiling or in a cupboard. With the innovative warming drawers, you can preheat crockery, keep dishes warm or even do gentle cooking. The Siemens vacuum drawer lets you vacuum-seal food for sous-vide cooking. Get inspired by the Siemens fridge freezer and their clever built-in solutions to keep your food fresher for longer. Freestanding fridges and freezers offer you all the flexibility and variety while being easy to set up and connect. Wine coolers and storage cabinets from Siemens keep wine at the right temperature for maximum enjoyment.

So no matter what your kitchen requires, find it in our Siemens range!

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