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Rangemaster RDXD21BL/C French Fridge Freezer

Rangemaster RDXD21BL/C French Fridge Freezer
Rangemaster RDXD21BL/C French Fridge Freezer
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2 Years

  • Ionizer technology spreads negative ions throughout the interior to neutralise unpleasant odours.
  • Even Circ keeps food fresh for longer by minimising heat transfer from outside the unit
  • RANGEfresh helps dissipate ethylene gas that is naturally emitted from fresh food
  • Super Cool and Super Freeze modes ensure your shopping is chilled immediately after putting it in the fridge or freezer
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Rangemaster RDXD21BL/C French Fridge Freezer

Rangemaster RDXD21BL/C French Fridge Freezer

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Appliances come with a warranty which is usually anything from 1 to 5 years. Our extended warranty option allows you to continue to protect your product and cover excessive call-out, parts and labour charges.

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We will connect your new item to your water pipes, check everything is working properly and get you up and running with your new appliance straight away.

Please Note: We do not currently offer this service for American Style Refrigeration.

Remove & Recycle £25.00

If you would like us to take away and recycle your appliance, we are happy to do so.
We will take your old appliance away and in line with WEEE regulations, we will take the product to a recycling plant.

Disconnection £10.00

As part of our service when delivering your new freestanding appliance, we will safely disconnect your old appliance for you.
You can choose whether you would like us to also Remove and Recycle it.

Packaging removal and disposal £5.00

We are happy to take away all of the packaging from your new appliance when we deliver it.